All Graduate School courses have an assigned level. These level are defined around interactivity, pre-knowledge and input during the session and serve as a guideline to students before booking onto the session.

Course Levels

Level 1

Level 1 courses are aimed to provide a basic introduction to the subject. Very little prior knowledge is assumed. Participants may be asked to practice a skill during the session with some guidance and support. Participants will be expected to relate the subject to their own context.

Level 2

Level 2 courses are designed to offer a deeper analysis of the subject and participants will be expected to apply and develop their knowledge as well as practice a skill during the session. This may involve self-assessment.

Level 3

Level 3 courses are intended to be advanced and basic pre-knowledge of the topic might be required. The participant can expect to actively and collaboratively construct knowledge, assess and critique their own and others’ work on a basis of specific criteria, through in-class discussions and group activities. This may involve self-assessment and peer-assessment.