Key Information

Course Level: Level 1 
Duration: Approximately 2 hours 
Format: Self-paced online Blackboard course

Ensuring Integrity I: Plagiarism Awareness (Master's Students)

This course was developed by the Graduate School, in conjunction with the Library. It aims to equip all Imperial postgraduate students with a working knowledge of the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it. This enables students to use and share information ethically, with academic integrity and in accordance with Imperial College's Examination & Assessment: Academic Integrity Policy.

You are required to achieve a threshold level of understanding which will be tested through a final exam. Instructions on how to receive a certificate as proof of completion can be found in the course in the section ‘Course Info.’

On completion of this online workshop you will be able to

  • Explain what plagiarism is
  • Identify incorrect referencing and possible potential cases of plagiarism
  • Apply techniques to avoid the different types of plagiarism
  • Reference properly someone else's work as well as your own work
  • Evaluate and relate the impact of academic integrity to your own work as researcher and in your career

Course Enrolment Information

Please note that 2022-23 starters will be automatically enrolled onto the course site so please check your Blackboard from Monday 3rd October.   

If you do not find the course on your Blackboard, please follow the instructions to self-enrol onto the course: Plagiarism Awareness (Masters Students) 2022-2023 Self-enrolment guidance [PDF]

Master's programme administrators should decide the most appropriate time for their students to complete the course. Master’s students who progress to a doctorate at the College will not be expected to take the doctoral version of the course but will be reminded about the course 6 months prior to submission of their thesis.

*Imperial College Business School have their own version of this course. Students from that Faculty will therefore not be required to complete the Graduate School's course.