Students in Chemistry and the Engineering departments take an I-Explore module in their third year of study.

You'll choose your modules preferences when you're in year 2. The module preference selection period this year is 11 May – 8 June 2022.

The modules below will be available to Year 3 students in AY 22-23. On the module webpages, you’ll find information about the content, teaching and learning approaches, and assessments associated with each of our modules. Please do note that this information is indicative and may be subject to change:

AY 22-23 Module Options for Year 3 students

Autumn Term

10 week modules:

STEMM modules

BPES Modules

Please note that the BPES team provide 2021/22 module outlines -  as with the rest of our module information, these are for guidance only and the offering for 2022/23 is subject to change.