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PG SOLE is the College's central Student Online Evaluation tool for postgraduate Master's level (MSc, MRes, MBA, MPH, MEd, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate) students in the Faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Medicine*. All PG SOLE surveys are anonymous and your department/College is not able to identify you.

The survey results are thoroughly discussed by your Student Representatives and department staff. The overall results are also discussed at a College Level. If you have any questions on how PG SOLE results have resulted in changes in your department you are encouraged to contact your Student Representative or Director of Postgraduate Study.

* The Business School runs a simialr module/lecturer survey called "MODES".

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PG SOLE: Module/lecturer evaluation

The PG SOLE lecturer/module survey runs, when applicable, at the end of each term (although there are some departmental variations). It surveys all postgraduate Master's level students on their modules and the lecturers who have taught those modules. PG SOLE consists of two sets of questions related to programme modules and the lecturers. The results of this survey are sent direct to the individual members of lecturing staff as well as their Head of Department and Director of Postgraduate Studies.

PG SOLE: lecturer/module questions

Lecturer questions: (asked for all lecturers on each module)

To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding the lecturer(s) on this module:

1) The lecturer explained the material well
2) The lecturer generated interest and enthusiasm
3) The lecturer was approachable
4) Overall, I am satisfied with this lecturer
5) Please use this box to provide any additional constructive feedback to this lecturer: free text section

Module questions: (asked for all modules)

To what extent do you agree with the following statements regarding this module:

1) The content of the module is well structured
2) The content of the module is intellectually stimulating (NB this question might not be included in FoM surveys)
3) Where applicable, I have received helpful feedback on my work submitted so far
4) Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the module
5) Please use this box to provide any additional constructive feedback on this module. Students with a disability are invited to make specific suggestions for improvement that would assist them: free text section

The scale for the questions will be: “Definitely Agree, Mostly Agree, Neither Agree or Disagree, Mostly Disagree, Definitely Disagree, Not applicable”

PG SOLE: Comments code of practice

Your lecturers will receive their individual numerical results and comments shortly after the survey closes.  

This is an opportunity for you to provide constructive feedback to help us to improve.  Constructive feedback will help your lecturers understand what they are doing well (so they can do more of it) as well as what they can do better. Please use specific examples and only give examples of what you have seen the lecturer say or do.

The College is committed to promoting and ensuring a working environment where individuals are treated with respect and courtesy. Student survey responses may not be used to insult members of staff or students. Your feedback should be factual and should focus on your lecturer’s actions/behaviour. The use of offensive language or personal, discriminatory or abusive remarks are unacceptable.

You should be aware that comments which may cause offence will be removed from the results. Whist this survey is anonymous, you are also cautioned to avoid self-identification by referring to personal or other identifying information in your free text comments.

Instead of sayingSay
 I think my lecturer is great  

I think my lecturer is great because she takes the time to check we
have understood each new concept before moving on


My lecturer is difficult to understand


My lecturer is difficult to understand because he talks very quickly
and often stands with his back to us when explaining his slides


I’m too scared to ask my lecturer to clarify things I don’t understand


On two occasions my lecturer has laughed at mistakes by other students, this means I don’t want to ask my lecturer to clarify things I don’t understand for fear I may be ridiculed

 Helpful notes  

It was helpful to have the lecture notes available on Blackboard in
advance of the lecture

Summary of the table's contents