students at Wilson House
Update (November 2022)Though we are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our Accommodation Strategy, the accommodation offer for those commencing their studies in 2023 - including our Accommodation Guarantee - remains unchanged.  Further information, including a revised strategy document and a schedule of rents, will be published when available.
We know how important student halls can be for those who are settling into the community and living away from home for the first time. That’s why we are committed to providing all our first year undergraduates with comfortable, safe, and fairly priced accommodation that is not too far from the College campuses.  We want to make sure we are providing high quality facilities and support services at all our halls so we think it is important that we own and run them ourselves.
We want to make sure rents for our first-year undergraduate halls are competitive with similar accommodation in the open market and at other comparable London universities and we don’t believe we should be making either a surplus or a loss on these Halls so we run them “at cost”. The costs included in the average price include both running and maintaining the halls in the first year undergraduate accommodation portfolio, as well as the long-term depreciation of the buildings.
We have made this decision by balancing the needs of all members of the College community – both first year undergraduates and other students and staff. Running our halls at cost also means we will be able to renew our first-year undergraduate accommodation at the appropriate time, so future generations of students can have access to similar facilities and support services.

Read our Accommodation Strategy 2019 (pdf)