Registering with a doctors surgery

If you have moved from home to take up your place at Imperial you will need to register with a new doctor (also known as a General Practitioner or GP) so that you can access NHS healthcare. It’s important that you register with a doctor soon after you arrive – don’t wait until you are sick, as this could delay your access to treatment.

All students are required to register with a GP in London. Details on how to register with your local GP are available on Student Support Zone website.

If you would like access to friendly, confidential advice and support or if you have a disability please get in touch with the Disability Advisory Service. The service can also provide screenings and assessments if you think you may be dyslexic or dyspraxic.


We strongly recommend that if you are under 25 years of age, you take advantage of free vaccinations against meningococcal infection and mumps.

Although rare, both illnesses occur more commonly amongst university students and both are potentially serious. Meningococcal meningitis can kill and mumps can damage fertility. It is recommended that you have two MMR vaccines (these should be spaced at an interval of at least three months).

Where possible, we recommend that all new university entrants should be vaccinated before the beginning of the new academic term.

If you have not had any vaccinations, it is very important that you arrange with your GP practice to do so as soon as possible, as the risk of infection is greatest in the first few weeks of term.

If you are uncertain about your vaccination status, it is safer to be given the vaccines again, rather than be potentially unprotected.