Here for you

You’ll find a network of people to turn to if you’re experiencing problems, from reporting a fault to personal problems such as being homesick or having an issue with a neighbour. This year, moreso than ever before, we will need your support and cooperation to ensure that our community remains safe for everyone. We therefore expect you to comply with all safety measures and guidance and follow local notices within the hall.

Your Hall team

Your Hall Supervisor is your first point of contact for any maintenance or housekeeping and for any day-to-day issues on weekdays. 

The wardening team are responsible for your wellbeing and also provide social activities to help you settle into life at halls and get to know one another. Wardens all work at Imperial during the day, so they will quickly become familiar faces. Subwardens are usually PhD students and Hall Seniors are Imperial undergraduate students.

There is always a warden on duty during the week from 19.00 – 07.00 and throughout the weekend. 

In addition, some halls also have a 24/7 main reception desk where a concierge/security member will be on hand. They will be available to answer your queries, report issues to, collect post from and to attend to any necessary security issues.

Check the local notices in your hall for contact details of your Hall Supervisors and wardening teams.

Hall Rules

I have read and accept the full rules and regulations that were sent with my licence agreement. I understand that these rules are intended to benefit all residents and to ensure their safety, enjoyment and well-being. I accept that any contravention may result in a monetary fine, community service, expulsion from Hall, or even expulsion from the College. I also agree to the following principles:

  • I understand that my behaviour will affect my fellow residents, and I will be considerate to their feelings and lifestyles.
  • I will not make excessive noise, which can affect our neighbours or fellow residents. No noise will be audible outside my room between the hours of 23.00 and 07.00
  • I will not tamper with, or misuse any fire equipment or the alarm system or prop open fire doors. I will keep all fire exits and corridors clear. I will take care at all times to prevent accidental activation of the alarms, especially while cooking. I will evacuate the building promptly on hearing the alarm.
  • I accept that all Imperial campuses and properties, including all Imperial College Halls of Residence are smoke-free. This means that smoking will not be permitted on or within 20 metres of College land. This supports Imperial’s commitment to creating and maintaining a healthy environment for its community and visitors.
  • I will treat Hall property, fixtures and fittings, and the property of my fellow residents with respect. I will not mark my bedroom or kitchen walls with 'Blu Tack', drawing pins, nails, sellotape or other adhesive materials. I will only use the pinboards provided. I will report any damage, in whatever manner it may have been caused, to the Hall Supervisor at the earliest opportunity.
  • I will not throw, let fall, or suspend objects of any kind from the windows and staircases. I will not endanger others or myself by any of my actions.
  • I will not violate any safety warnings or notices, or enter restricted areas such as balconies if applicable.
  • I will not use, keep or bring illegal drugs into Halls. I accept that breaking this rule will result in referral to College and to the Police. I understand that the College has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and that possession of such drugs may lead to expulsion from the Hall. Please read the College’s Substance Misuse Policy
  • I agree to inform my guests of the Hall rules, and accept that I am fully responsible for their behaviour whenever they are in or around the buildings and that they must leave if requested to do so by a concierge or security officer.
  • I will pay attention to security and will not allow uninvited strangers or those I do not know follow me into Halls.