Taking an inventory is a crucial first step when moving into any property. The inventory should consisit of a detailed list of items in the property, the condition they’re in and comments upon the cleanliness of the property. 

Take time to ensure that the inventory process is done well – you and your landlord will need to be able to compare the condition of the property at the start and end of the tenancy. If there is a dispute any adjudicator or court will look at this evidence.

Checking the inventory

When you move in, check the inventory and note any discrepancies and take photographs. You should then email the agent/landlord and state: “We moved into (address) today (date) and noted the following discrepancies” listing all of the changes.

If an inventory hasn’t been organised, you can create one yourself using a template and then send it to the landlord or agent within seven days of moving in. 

Example of an inventory

Lounge sofa 


Not new, a few years old, worn with coffee stain on the arm


Lounge carpet 


Not new, general good condition


Lounge walls 


Painted a few years ago, mark by the window, dent near door frame

Example of an inventory