Make sure the property is secure and all the appliances are safe.

Check that windows and external doors are secure and that they have adequate locks. Entrance doors should have a secure lock and, where possible, security chains and spy holes. Make sure the rear entrance is lockable and secure.

If your house has a burglar alarm check your contract to see what your responsibilities are regarding setting it. If you are concerned about the security of a property then talk to your landlord. It is in their interest as well as yours to ensure that the property is secure.

If the property needs any alterations to make it safe, ensure you have this written in the tenancy agreement with a specific date this work will be completed by. 


Gas safety

You should ask for a copy of the current Gas Safety Certificate. Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that all gas appliances are checked each year by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. 

This ensures that your appliances are working effectively and guard against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal. It is not a legal requirement for the property to have a carbon monoxide detector, but you can ask your landlord for one to be installed or you can buy your own from around £20.

Electrical safety

While the risk of electric shock or electrical fire is small, look for warning signs:

  • Frayed, cut or damaged leads
  • Cracked or damaged cases on plugs or appliances
  • Burn marks on plugs, leads or appliances
  • Blowing fuses
  • Loose cord grips in plugs or appliances


Landlords are responsible for insuring the building and their contents within it, however it is your responsibility to insure you personal possessions by taking out contents insurance. 

Many companies offer student deals. Look out for clauses that mean your possessions are uninsured if the property is unattended for a specified period of time. Whatever you decide to do about your insurance policy, remember that no or low insurance is false economy.

Endsleigh are responsible for insurance in Imperial halls of residence.