Rent Guarantor Scheme Terms and Conditions 

If you're considering applying for the College's Rent Guarantor Scheme, please read these terms and conditions carefully first to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and can meet the conditions of the scheme.

  1. The scheme is open to continuing full time registered undergraduate students of Imperial College London for the 2022-2023 academic year only. Postgraduates and first year undergraduate students with courses commencing in 2023/24 are not eligible to apply.
  2. The College can only act as guarantor for a period of 12 months; if the contract is longer, the student needs to make an application to renew their rent guarantee agreement one month before the current guarantee expires (the Student Accommodation Office will contact the student/agent/landlord prior to the expiry; this is a courtesy email and it is the student’s responsibility to check this and apply). Each renewal will be assessed individually; only renewals that continue to meet the eligibility criteria will be approved. A renewal fee will be applicable.
  3. Applicants who are currently, or have previously been, listed as an academic debtor or a non-academic debtor to the College are not eligible to apply for this scheme.
  4. Students are not eligible to apply for the scheme if they are moving into a private halls of residence.
  5. Students are not eligible to apply for the scheme if they have already signed a tenancy/licence agreement for the property they are intending to rent or if their proposed tenancy/licence agreement does not meet the standards of the Student Accommodation Office. If they are applying for a renewal, this clause will not apply, Clause 2 will be implemented.
  6. Students must have been requested to provide a UK-based guarantor by a landlord and must have exhausted all other options to find a suitable UK based guarantor.
  7. Students must be able to provide a satisfactory reference from a previous landlord (or a hall of residence unless such hall of residence is a College-managed hall of residence – in which case the College will obtain references directly). 
  8. Students must be able to demonstrate the financial means to pay the rent on the property.
  9. The landlord must be able to provide a current gas safety (if there is gas supply at the property), energy performance and electrical safety certificates for the property. 
  10. Where there is proposed joint and several liability for the rental of a property, the College will only guarantee a pre-agreed amount which will be the individually named student’s share of the rent up to a maximum of £275 per week.
  11. The student remains liable in full for the payment of their rent, other utilities/bills and any dilapidation damages but in the event that the assistance of this scheme is required, the College will only act as a Guarantor for the maximum rent amount of £275 per week.  The College will not guarantee payment towards any additional contractual financial liabilities (including, but not limited to utility, internet, council tax charges and dilapidation charges).
  12. Students must inform the Student Accommodation Office immediately if their enrolment or financial status changes or is anticipated to change in any way.  In the event that a student whose rent has been guaranteed by the College pursuant to this rent guarantee scheme ceases (for any reason) to be a full time registered student of the College, the rent guarantee will terminate with immediate effect and the College shall notify the Landlord/Agent to that effect. In the event that a student whose rent payments have been guaranteed by the College, anticipates that they will fall into arears on rent, the student must notify the Student Hub in writing before the rent is due, stating any reasons why they are unable to pay their rent. If necessary or appropriate, the student will be referred or signposted to relevant student support services. 
  13. If the College is called upon to pay out under the scheme, the amount spent will be added to your student account as a debt to the University. You must enter into a mutually agreed debt management plan with the College and the money must be repaid before the start of the next academic year or course end date (whichever date comes earlier). The debt will be subject to the university debt recovery procedure and debt policy. The Imperial College Union’s Advice Centre, the Student Accommodation Office or the Student Financial Support Team can provide reasonable assistance in facilitating this process by helping students where possible with budgeting and assessing how much they can afford to pay over what period of time.
  14. In the event that a student defaults on their repayments to the College (where the College has been called upon to pay their rent under the guarantee), they agree and understand that such failure to repay may result in the College instructing a debt collection agency to recover monies on the College’s behalf.
  15. Students must also inform the Student Accommodation Office in writing if they leave the accommodation. Please note that unless the landlord has agreed to the student leaving and a suitable replacement tenant is found, who takes over and meets their liability, the student is likely to be liable for the rest of the rent for the full tenancy period. If the College is required to settle this on the student’s behalf, the student will have to repay the full amount to the College. 
  16. Students accept that providing false information in an application for this scheme may result in the College taking disciplinary action against the student and will also prevent them from being able to take part in the scheme in any future academic years.
  17. Students agree that they will respond to and take part in feedback requests on the scheme so that we can ensure best practice.