Grants for students from England with dependants

There are Special Support Grants available to full-time students starting their course after 1 September 2012 (academic year 2012-13).

If your course started before 1 September 2012 (academic year 2011-12), different rules apply.

If you’re a parent whose partner also applies for student finance, you may be entitled to the Special Support Grant instead. 

Childcare Grant

Full-time undergraduate students living and studying in England can apply for the Childcare Grant if you use childcare that is registered or approved with Ofsted.

Parents' Learning Allowance

The Parents' Learning Allowance helps towards your course costs, such as books, materials and travel. You could get between £50 and £1,573 for 2016-17 depending on your household income.

You can apply for the Parents’ Learning Allowance when you apply for student finance.

Child Tax Credit

You can claim Child Tax Credit if you have children. Working students can also claim Working Tax Credit. If you claim the childcare element of Working Tax Credit you can’t also claim the Childcare Grant.

Adult Dependants' Grant

This is for full time undergraduate students. The Adult Dependants' Grant does not have to be repaid. In order to receive it, your spouse or partner or another adult dependent must be "wholly or mainly financially dependent" on you. It is worth £2,757 a year and is means tested on you and your dependant's income.

Disabled Students Allowance

If you are a disabled student, you may be entitled to a Disabled Students Allowance for extra help towards the cost of your course. For further information on this and other issues related to disability, visit the College's Disability Advisory Service web pages.