Students outsideIf you are a non-EEA national you will still need to register online like all new students to Imperial.

If you're studying in the UK for longer than six months, you will also get a biometric residence permit (BRP). And you'll need to arrange to collect this once you arrive in the UK.

You do not have to apply separately for a BRP. You’ll get one automatically if your visa is approved.

Collection from Imperial

If you are collecting your BRP from Imperial, we will email you to let you know:

  • when your BRP is ready for collection
  • what you need to do to collect your BRP

Please bear in mind social distancing measures that may be in place this year. You will only be able to collect your card at a dedicated time.

You will have the chance to book a time slot when you have safely arrived in the UK.

If you are required to self-isolate once you arrive in the UK, you can only arrange to collect your BRP once your period of self-isolation is over. Find out more about self-isolating:

Collection from the Post Office

If you are collecting your BRP from the Post Office, the letter you receive with your 30-day visa should tell you when your BRP will be ready for collection from the Post Office.

Please contact our International Student Support team if you have any questions about visas or immigration issues.