Student getting advice at the Student Hub

Council tax is a tax set by councils to help pay for local services like policing and refuse collection. It applies to all domestic properties.

Full-time students living in a College hall of residence are automatically exempt from paying Council Tax.

Imperial College London students are able to access from the My Imperial student portal a Statement of Registration letter that confirms your enrolment status with the College. It is designed for opening a bank account, obtaining council tax exemption and many other situations where you simply need to prove you’re a student with us.

To see if you may qualify for exemption please consider the following points:

  • Full-time students living in other accommodation occupied solely by full-time students will be granted exemption from payment of council tax on submission to the council of a copy of your Statement of Registration letter
  • Where only one adult who is not a full-time student lives in a dwelling together with one or more full-time students, a reduction of 25 per cent in the council tax for the dwelling will be given on submission of the Statement of Registration letter for each student. This covers the case, for example, of a student or students living at home with only one parent, or a student living with a non-student husband or wife.
  • Part-time students are not entitled to any exemption from or reduction of council tax, although they can apply directly to their local authority for a rebate if they are on a low income.
  • Where a full-time student or students live(s) together with two or more non-student adults (for example, at home with both parents) no reduction will be given for the dwelling. There is therefore no point in submitting your Statement of Registration letter if these are your circumstances.
  • Special regulations affect overseas students who bring with them a non-British husband / wife / child. For advice, check with the Imperial College Union Advice Centre.

For further support in obtaining a Statement of Registration letter, please contact the Student Hub.