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Money management with Blackbullion

Develop your financial skills and take control of your money with free online courses and resources – learn more about personal finance and grow your money management skills to build yourself a better financial future. 

What is Blackbullion

Blackbullion is a digital financial learning platform designed to provide you with money skills for life. Blackbullion is free for all Imperial students and gives you access to a full range of online learning pathways and tools to help you manage your finances. 

How to access Blackbullion

To access Blackbullion as a current Imperial College student, follow the steps below:
2. Click 'Sign up' to register
3. In ‘Your email’ box, you must enter your Imperial College email address
4. In ‘Your password’ box, create a password
5. Once you have registered, you can just log in and start using the platform
Complete Blackbullion’s online financial pathways at your own pace and increase your financial literacy—from how to budget and save while studying to understanding taxes. Sign-up for money boot camps and 21-day saving challenges, or jump on the budget calculator tool to understand where your money is coming from and where it’s going.
If you are interested in studying at Imperial College London, but have not yet commenced, you can access some of the Blackbullion resources via Money Ready for Uni.

Student finance calculators

The Blackbullion platform includes budgeting tools and student finance calculators to help you plan your expected income against likely expenditure. You may also wish to use the Direct.Gov Student finance calculator to estimate your expected income from Government statutory funding.

Stay safe online

It is important that you remain alert and be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Our 'Be Secure (IT Security)' page gives you tips on how to stay safe online 

Scholarship search tool

All students can search for available scholarships in one place using our scholarships search tool.

Council tax exemption

To find out if you may qualify for exemption, visit our 'Council tax exemption' page.

Insuring your property

Our 'Insuring your property' page provides you with information on insurance arragements at the College.