Envelope with the work 'Taskmaster'

Enjoyed Taskmaster?

If you've enjoyed getting involved with Imperial Taskmaster, why not check out the Taskmaster TV show for more silly, obscure and creative tasks!

Have you got what it takes to win Imperial's Taskmaster?

You've finished binge-watching every Netflix series, you've heard every insightful podcast under the sun and read all books of interst to you and you're still self-isolating - what now?! For those who are brave enough to take on Imperial's Taskmaster, these are the ultimate self-isolation challenges to keep you entertained and get your creative juices flowing.

All tasks must be completed in your rooms as you are completing your self-isolation or stay in a government quarantine hotel.

How to play

It's simple, you complete the tasks set by the Imperial Taskmaster below using only objects found in your bedroom. You can interpret the tasks as creatively as you like - the more creative, the better!

You're allowed one entry per task, you can complete just one or both. We encourage submissions of short videos showing you successfully (or not so successfully...) completing the tasks and a photo of your final outcome. All submissions should be emailed to student-services@imperial.ac.uk.

Submissions will then be judged by your Student Union Officer Trustee team, narrowing down to a top two submissions for each task. The final two competitors will then be judged by YOU, our students, via an Imperial Instagram Poll on Thursday 7 October. Be sure to vote for your favourite and keep your eyes peeled for your own submission..!

The prize

For our lucky winners of each task there will be a £50 Deliveroo voucher!

The Tasks

And now, what you've all been waiting for... the Imperial Taskmaster's simple tasks:

  1. Balance the heaviest item possible on the top of a pencil.
  2. Turn your bed into something that isn't a bed.

Not sure where to start? Why not view some entries from other people for similar tasks?