Welcome week volunteer and student talkingWelcome to Imperial!

Congratulations on your successful offer to join Imperial College London - we're so excited to welcome you into our community. We want to make sure that start of your lifelong journey with us is useful, engaging and memorable. In our efforts to achieve this, every year we collaborate with departments across the College to host lots of activities in a programme we call Welcome Week.

Welcome Week 2019 rungs from Saturday 28 September - Friday 4 October, but remember that's just the start of your journey with us! These pages will tell you about what activities are going on throughout the week, any highlighted activities after the week that will help with your induction and where to access support if you're joining the College outside of Welcome Week. We look forward to meeting you soon!

These pages will continue to be updated as the timetable for Welcome Week expands. Bookmark this page and re-visit in the weeks leading up to Welcome Week.

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