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Ad-hoc Projects are those which do not fit within any of the other categories of project but which are based around staff-student partnership

Ad-hoc projects can be submitted at any time and are for instances where the mode or timeframe of partnership falls outside those defined for Curriculum development placements or educational research and investigation placements.

Primarily, projects should adopt the guiding principles of partnership and where the time frame of partnership falls outside of the summer vacation or an individual’s normal programme vacation time, a clear justification should be made that the student partners’ activities will not adversely affect their ability to study effectively.


StudentShapers projects can be undertaken by any student of Imperial College and any staff partner. Student partners may be undergraduates or postgraduate taught or research students.

Staff members across all disciplines are invited to submit a project that aligns with one of the two key themes of StudentShapers partnerships.  StudentShapers is distinct from other initiatives within Imperial in that it is a co-creative process for both staff and student. Project proposals can be developed in partnership with students but the final project proposal should be made by the staff lead.

Developing a Project

Please use the guidance on developing a project in the Curriculum development placements and Education research and investigation placements

Also note:

  • Consumables are not normally included within the bursaries that StudentShapers provides.  Please discuss with your department whether they are able and willing to fund this aspect of your project if necessary. 
  • If appropriate there needs to be clear rationale and justification that the mode of partnership will not adversely impact on a student partners' normal programme of study

Assessment Criteria for Proposals

Project proposals will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Planned timetable for the work
  • Resources requested; funding proposal is cost-effective
  • The project has an appropriate rationale for its inception; this rationale may be based on (but not limited to):

-          Student feedback

-          Education theory/literature

-          Industry liaison

-          Evidence from Curriculum review or other education enhancement work taking place in the department

  • If applicable, ethical considerations are taken into account when planning the project
  • The project adopts the guiding principles of partnership
  • The project outcomes are clearly defined and should result in changes to learning and teaching that align with the Learning and Teaching Strategy or should result in an improved understanding of an educational activity at Imperial.   
  • There is long-term sustainability and impact of the proposed innovations and if applicable how/where research will be disseminated
  • The evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the project is robust
  • Achievements in learning and teaching of staff-applicants, and/or demonstration of an ongoing commitment to developing professional practice in teaching within higher education
  • Student partners gain clear professional development outcomes, commensurate with Imperial’s Graduate Attributes

After the project has concluded

Submission of a project report form (which can be downloaded from the sidebar) is a prerequisite of receiving StudentShapers financial support; this should be completed with one month of the project concluding.