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Remember to make space and time to think about your professional development and career. Your research degree by its very nature will become very focused and intense. Imperial has options and opportunities in place to help you broaden your outlook. 

Graduate School courses

Participate in Graduate School professional development courses and events. These are designed to develop you and propel you to a successful outcome and career.

Careers advice

Engage with the Careers Service and their events. These enable you to meet with employers and think about career opportunities.

Postdoc Development Centre

Find out about postdoctoral life through the postdocs you will be working with and the Postdoc Development Centre.

Self evaluation

Stop every now and then to evaluate how you are doing.

Academic identity

Take opportunities to develop your academic identity.

Academic conferences

Present at seminars and conferences. You will have plenty of opportunity within your discipline area. Participate as much as possible to enhance your communication, presentation, networking and collaboration skills, among others.

Staff-student groups and committees

Join a staff-student group or become a student representative on a committee.

Cohort activities

Develop a Cohort activity. There is funding available for student-led cohort activities.