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The structure of your research degree is designed to support your academic progress and expand your skills as you present your work in a range of ways. The feedback you receive at Imperial will be invaluable in helping you maximise your potential. And we’d like you to tell us how we’re doing too.

Main stages of your research degree

While conducting research during your time at Imperial, there are a number of markers of progression to assist you and your supervisor in achieving your main objectives of carrying out original research and attaining your degree.

Writing reports and presentations

During your studies you will be expected to produce reports which will demonstrate that you are being effective in your research and allowing you to communicate with others. 

Delivering presentations

The ability to prepare and deliver an effective presentation is a useful skill for your academic research and for the workplace. You will most likely have delivered presentations before starting your research degree, but it's always worth refreshing yourself on the basics.

Thesis submission and viva

The culmination of your hard work is when you get the opportunity to present the novel findings of your research in the form of a thesis and then to defend them at a viva.

Improving through feedback

Feedback is an essential part of your research progress while you are at Imperial, and should help you to understand the areas in which you are doing well and what you can do to improve and progress.

Giving feedback

Your feedback about your experience at Imperial is really important to the institution, as it helps us improve and enhance the experience students have here.