During your studies you will be expected to produce reports which will demonstrate that you are being effective in your research and allowing you to communicate with others.

Thanks to your prior academic experiences, you will already have started to learn how to express your ideas and discuss those of others in writing. You will continue to develop this key academic skill during the course of your research. As well as your markers of progression, you will have opportunities to present your data at internal and external meetings, reports for grant funding bodies, publications of your research and a range of other situations.

Improving your writing skills

If you feel like you need to enhance your writing skills, there are various ways you can get support to do so:



Your supervisor will already be very experienced in academic writing. They will be able to give you guidance and advice, and will be able to critique your written work.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School has a set of courses called Writing for Success specifically designed to support you with various aspects of writing throughout your research degree.

On offer are the following courses:

  • Writing for Success 1: Literature Review
  • Writing for Success 2: Publication
  • Writing for Success 3: Thesis
  • Writing for Success 4: Grants

College Library

The Library runs workshops on academic writing and has links to useful online resources which you might want to explore. There are also lots of writing and study skill books available which could be useful to you. Some departments, in liaison with the College Library, offer bespoke support and training - so check with your department’s Postgraduate Office to find out what's available to you.

Centre for Academic English

If you are an overseas student you can also visit Imperial’s dedicated Centre for Academic English, a special resource for international students at Imperial who want to improve their academic writing and communication skills. The Centre provides courses, workshops and consultations to help you develop further your academic language and literacy.