You should explore the rest of the Success Guide pages on remote learning to make sure you make the most out of studying online, but for now here are a few top tips to get you started...

1. Have a designated workspace

You will get the most out of online learning if you can find a specific, quiet space with a stable internet connection.

2. Treat your online learning like your lectures

Attend all your classes, pay attention and do not assume that they do not matter because you are not there ‘in-person’.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Close all other tabs on your laptop or computer, try to put away your phone and give your full attention to the class.

4. Talk to your peers

Just as you would normally, find a way to discuss material with your fellow students (e.g. using a discussion board) to make sure you understand concepts.

5. Participate

Ask the teacher questions, answer questions, and keep your supervisor/module leader updated on your progress.

6. Have an open mind

Remote learning is new for many students and staff, so be patient, open to new experiences and understand that everyone is in the same position.

7. Know what support is available

Leaning online does not mean learning alone – make sure you know what support is available and do not feel afraid to ask your department if you are unsure.

8. Practice Time Management

The flexibility of remote learning is great, but because you are not coming into campus every day, you need to manage your time efficiently to learn efficiently.

9. Stay Healthy

Especially if you are on your own, make sure you take time during the day for breaks, catching up with friends and exercising if possible, to keep your mind fresh.

10. Reflect

Ensure you put what you have learned into practice by answering questions and thinking about how you could do anything to improve how well you are learning things online. Share your ideas with friends; we’re all learning how to work differently.

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