Studying at university is challenging. Not only will you be learning something new each day, but you will be developing your academic and personal skills and experiencing new things. By following the information and advice on this website, we are sure that you will succeed at the College.

Getting started

The transition from school or sixth form to university can be difficult for some people, whether that's adjusting to being away from home, or coping with the workload. The resources and information on this site should help prepare and support you through your personal and academic development and help you to succeed.

Effective study

You will develop skills in time management, coping with a heavy workload, working in teams, communication skills, and creative and critical thinking alongside your academic skills. You might already feel confident in some of these areas, but there are always new, and often better ways to tackle these problems and this site will guide you through some ideas. There are many resources and articles about study skills to help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Wellbeing for effective study

Succeeding at university isn't just about your intelligence and your study skills - it's about your health and lifestyle too. Ensuring you eat healthily, sleep well, exercise regularly and pay close attention to how you feel, will keep you on the road to success.

Workshops and support

You can return to this site at various points during your studies - when you attend your first lecture, prepare your first lab report, get your first essay grades or prepare your first presentation. And if you need more support, then we also have advice on where to go to get the help you need.