Information about how to complain during your application or student journey

Applicant Complaints Process

The procedure is for those that wish to raise a complaint about the application process and should be raised during the application cycle in which the concerns are being raised. Applicants may submit a complaint where:

a) An offer of admission is believed to be incompatible with the typical, or range of typical offers made by the admitting department within that admissions cycle.

b) They believe there was some procedural irregularity or administrative error in the way in which an application was processed by the College.

c) There is evidence of bias or prejudice.

Full details of the procedure are provided in the document below. All queries about this procedure should be directed to the Head of Admissions.


Policy and procedures

Student Complaints Process

A complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more students about an action or lack of action by the College, or about a standard of service provided by or on behalf of the College.”

The College has a three-stage process

Stage 1 - Local resolution Students are expected to raise any concerns in the first instance with the person or service to which it relates. This should be at the earliest opportunity or at the latest within 15 working days.

Stage 2 - Formal stage. If the issues have not been resolved at stage 1, a formal complaint can be raised. This must be within 10 working days of the stage 1 outcome and submitted to using the form below. This stage includes a formal investigation and response.

Stage 3 - Request for Review. If the complaint has not be resolved at stage 2, a student may request a review of the outcome. This may only consider:

  • If the investigation and outcome followed College procedures
  • If the outcome is reasonable in all the circumstances
  • If there is new material evidence which could not be provided before for good reason

A Request for Review must be submitted to the Head of the Central Secretariat ( for the attention of the College Secretary within 10 working days of the stage 2 outcome. You must include a statement explaining your request for review and providing any supporting documentation including the stage 2 outcome.

Please ensure that you have read the procedure before submitting a complaint, and consider if you need additional guidance and support, such as from the department/faculty senior tutor or from the Imperial College Union Advice Centre.

Policy and procedures

Ordinance E3 - Student Complaints (Sept 2018)‌‌ [PDF]


Complaints form [doc]