Students must comply with the College’s rules and procedures governing their conduct and behaviour. These are set out in the College’s Ordinances and in particular in Ordinance E2, Student Disciplinary Procedure, which includes a non-exhaustive list of examples of misconduct.

The College’s Regulations for Students contain additional rules which apply to all students. [PDF]

Students must also comply with the College’s Ethics Code which sets out a number of key principles and behaviours which the College expects of its members, including its students. The current version of the Ethics Code can be accessed here: [PDF] An updated version is expected to be published later in 2023.

Students must also comply with the other rules and instructions we give them and the rules which apply in specific circumstances. These include a students obligations under our:

  • Information Security Policy, IT Acceptable Use policy and policy on monitoring electronic communications. Accessible via this link: Information Security Policy
  • policy and procedures for ensuring the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by our activities across all campus locations. Accessible via this link: Safety
  • procedures for courses which also lead to professional qualifications, for example the MBBS/BSc Medicine. In such cases, students will also need to comply with the rules of the relevant professional or regulatory body. We may need to disclose information about a student's studies to those third parties. In addition, we are required to ensure that medical students are fit to practise medicine. Further information on our ‘Fitness to Practise’ procedure is available here: Fitness to Practise
  • course and department-specific rules and regulations. Students are advised to speak to their department if they have any questions about these.

Information on returning or planning to return to the College after serving a custodial sentence is available here: Custodial sentence Procedure [PDF]