General FAQs

How long do I have to collect my belongings?

Most halls will be open throughout June and July offering morning or afternoon booking slots. The days that are available vary between halls. Visit the booking a slot page and read the specific information for your hall.

What are the hours of operation in halls to collect my items?

Halls are open between 09.00 - 17.00 for you to collect your items. The last entry time to halls is 16.00.

You must book either a morning arrival slot (09.00-12.30) or an afternoon slot (12.30-16.00).

Halls are open most weekdays.

I'm an international student coming back to collect my items. Can I quarantine in halls?

It is not possible to complete your quarantine in halls if you have already been departed from our systems. If you are returning to the country to collect your items, you will need to quarantine for two weeks at another location, before travelling to halls to collect your items.

We strongly recommend any students travelling from overseas to use a third party to pack your items on your behalf.

Can I leave my belongings in hall until I return?

It is not possible to store you belongings. If you cannot come to collect your items, you must make arrangements for your belongings to be packed and stored off site if you are intending to return to London/College. Read more about organising a third party to pack, store and ship your items.

I have left the college permanently and no longer need my belongings. Is there an option for my belongings to be sent to charity?

Some of the packing companies we have reached out to offer the option to pack and donate your items. You still need to make these arrangements with a company and book a slot on our system. 

Do you have any packing materials I can use to pack up my room?

We do not supply any packing materials. If you are coming to collect your items you will need to bring your own packing materials. If you are intending to use a third party, you can check directly with them what packing material options are available.

Is there parking available for me to collect my belongings?

Check the individual halls items on the book a slot page for parking information specific to your hall.

I have library books and am unable to return them to the library, what should I do?

Each hall should have a crate somewhere where you can deposit library books and these will be taken to the library on your behalf. If booking a third party company, you could ask them to look out for, and set aside, any library books.

Alternatively you can check the library pages and see if they are happy for books to be posted or returned next academic year. 

I have a bicycle in storage, can I leave it there until I return?

We encourage all residents to take all belongings when they leave. 

I lost/already returned my keys/access card, how can I gain entry to my room when I return to collect my belongings?

Each resident will need to check in with their hall supervisor or concierge when arriving on site. If you have already returned, lost or forgotten your keys you will be given a spare which you will need to return before you leave.

I forgot to return my keys, what should I do?

If you still have your keys return them by post to your hall address for the attention of the Hall Supervisor.

If you are a resident of Holbrook Hall or The Costume Store and need to return your key, you should send them to the Concierge at Woodward Reception.

Woodward Buildings
No. 1 Victoria Road
London, W3 6FA

Third party FAQs

Can my friends or family pack up my belongings on my behalf?

Yes. You will need to book a slot using your Imperial College email address and complete the booking form accurately saying you are allowing a third party to attend on your behalf. You should share the eventbrite confirmation with them.

Can I come back, pack my luggage and leave it in reception or a secure area for the removal company to collect?

It is not possible for you to leave any items unattended during this process. You should arrange for a removal company to attend when you are present.

Is there a service provided that will pack my belongings without me needing to be present?

Yes, we already have reached out to some companies and have listed them in our third party pages. We would encourage you to use one of these companies as they are familiar with the situation, however you may engage anyone you like to collect your items on your behalf, just make sure you share their name when you complete the booking form and they have proof that you have authorised access.

How much will hiring a third party cost?

You will need to contact each company directly to get a quote. 

Will they collect items from the kitchen/other common areas?

For safety reasons, and being unable to identify personal items from shared spaces, it will not be possible to collect items that are in communal areas.

What times can the removal companies collect my luggage?

Once you have reached out to a third party, you will need to book a collection slot for your hall and supply all the relevant details about the company you have booked.

Slot availability varies per hall and entry to the halls is between 09.00-16.00 (halls close at 17.00).

Do I need to provide a detailed list of belongings being collected?

You will need to discuss this with your chosen company.

Are any items not allowed to be handled/collected?

You will need to discuss this with the company directly.

Do I inform you prior to the removal company arriving on site?

Yes. You will need to book a collection slot for your hall. On the booking form we will ask you if you are using a third party and you should give their name, and share the confirmation of your booking with the company so we know you have enlisted them.