If you are unable to travel to halls yourself to pack and remove your belongings, you must arrange for a third party to do so. You will need to arrange for collection on a weekday between 09.00-17.00 so we can provide access.

This could be:

  • Family or friends you authorise to pack on your behalf
  • A packing and storage company - if you want your belongings to remain in London for when you return
  • A packing and shipping company - if you want your belongings to be couriered to you

We've listed some local companies that we have worked with before - look through their profiles and get in touch with them directly for your personalised quote. You can also make your own arrangements. Please note: we do not take responsibility for the service provided by these companies.

Details to share with your chosen third party company

When making your booking, you will need to inform them of the following details:

  • Inform them they will be expected to enter your room and pack your belongings. 
  • Inform them of the local parking arrangements (you find these on the hall collection arrangement page)
  • Your Room number
  • Location of room and constraints of the hall (What floor is it on? Is there lift access etc.)
  • Detailed list of what they should pack from your room
  • If you want items collected from the kitchen, you will need to provide detailed description of items. (See if it's possible to arrange a video call so you can point out your items)
  • Advise them they will need to bring confirmation from you that you have authorised them to pack your items (ie: email of booking, order form etc)

Please note: the arrangement for collection and storage of your belongings is between you and the company. Hall staff cannot arrange anything other than access to your room and kitchen.

Details to share with your Hall Supervisor

Once you've arranged for a third party to collect your items, you must email your Hall Supervisor and provide them with the following details.

You will need to include:

  • The details of the person or company you have arranged to collect your belongings.
  • Date and time they will collect your items

If you cannot return to halls, but still have keys send them all (including kitchen cupboard, drawers and mail box keys) for the attention of the Hall Supervisors at your previous hall address. Make sure you send them in securely in a padded envelope so they do not rip open the packaging and get lost in transit.