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If you would like to send an enquiry to PACK & SEND you can email them directly at this address:

Imperial process instructions [pdf]

PACK & SEND are the UK’s largest packing and shipping specialists and experts in end-to-end collection, packing and delivery services for individuals and businesses of all sizes to destinations around the world as well as in the UK.

Process for Imperial College London students

Complete this bespoke form for Imperial College London Students to get your quote.

Step 1.

In the first section put ‘UK Mainland’ as the country in the ‘From’ section and your destination Country in the ‘To’ section. 
NB. If you want your things to go into storage then this should be set as 'UK Mainland' as well. Select ‘Unpacked’

Simply enter a 1 in all of the following fields: weight, dimensions and item value (we don't need you to provide weights, dimensions or values at this stage).

Step 2. 

On the next page, enter ‘Imperial College’ in the ‘From’ City and your destination City in the ‘To’ City section (leave the 'postcode' fields blank).

Select ‘Yes’ in the section ‘Is Pickup Required’

Step 3. 

On the next page, enter your Building Name and Room Number in the ‘Description’ box – this is all we need.

Provide any ‘Additional Information’ if required eg anything that may be important to know about your things

Step 4. 

It is ESSENTIAL to provide your name, email address and contact phone number on the final page.

Select ‘Other’ from the ‘How did you hear about us?’ menu and choose if you would like our mailings or not, then move to the next section.

Step 5. 

The ‘Service Centre’ field should already show ‘Imperial College’ but please select this dropdown option if any other store is showing.

Click submit. We will be in contact shortly to confirm the packing and storage or shipping costs and full details of how to proceed.


What level of insurance do you offer?

We operate our own Marine Transit Policy which allows us to provide a warranty to customers to cover their items for loss or damage up to a value agreed with them which we would offer to all the students who request us to collect their items. We will provide each student with a short inventory and ask them whether they wish to have cover put in place and, if so, what value they would wish that to be.

What social distancing procedures do you have in place?

We are currently operating within the guidelines laid out by the Government and the Chief Medical Officer as follows:

  • All our drivers wear face masks and surgical gloves.
  • Where we need to enter a premises our team will maintain the 2 m distancing and this would apply to anyone who is escorting them.
  • It is for reasons of the safety of our drivers and staff that we will only collect items that are within the students room. 
  • Once their work is complete they will dispose of their gloves and disinfect their hands.
  • Upon arrival back at the service centre all shipments are placed into a quarantine area where they are left for a full 24 hours before any further work is carried out on them.

Can you collect the items from the kitchen

For safety reasons, and being unable to identify personal items from shared spaces, we cannot collect items that are in communal areas.