This page outlines the services and support available to our residents still living within our halls.

Halls of residence are now operating in ‘weekend mode’. Where applicable, a Duty Warden or Residential Assistant and the College Security team remain available, whilst the Student Hub and Hall Supervisors continue their work remotely.  

To protect your health and wellbeing and that of other residents and staff, you are required to follow these important guidelines.

Pastoral support

Wardens and sub-wardens continue to provide on-site pastoral support to residents who are remaining in halls of residence. You can contact them via your hall email address or the duty mobile 24/7.

Where possible, please only call the duty mobile if your situation is urgent or you require help in an emergency. For non-urgent enquiries, please use the halls email address and the team will respond as quickly as possible.

Further information about College support services and support in your academic department can be found at

Social distancing in halls

If you remain in halls of residence, please observe the government’s social distancing requirements in all areas of the hall, including any common spaces such as kitchens and shared bathrooms.

We recognise that remaining in your room for extended periods of time may have an adverse impact upon your health and wellbeing. Some communal areas will remain open but social distancing should be observed at all times.

However, if we see residents acting against current government requirements within these areas, we may regretfully decide to further restrict access to common spaces to protect the health and safety of all residents and staff.

Services in halls


Whilst it remains possible, cleaning will continue in communal areas but not individual bedrooms.

In the event that we are not able to provide cleaning services for a short period, either because of government restrictions or significant staff illness, residents will be provided with appropriate cleaning materials and will need to ensure that they undertake regular cleaning of areas that they use such as kitchens and bathrooms. Each hall will have specific instructions for rubbish disposal and you may need to take rubbish to an outside refuse area for collection. 

Fire evacuations

In the event of a fire evacuation, please evacuate the building as normal. However, when leaving the building and waiting outside it is essential that you maintain a minimum distance of two meters from other residents. You can continue to evacuate your building through any available evacuation route.

Please be extremely vigilant when cooking and showering to prevent unnecessary fire alarm activations.


Whilst government restrictions are in place, personal visitors and guests are not permitted in halls, including Imperial students from other halls of residence.  The only visitors who will be given access are healthcare professionals, cleaning and maintenance staff. This is to minimise contact with others and prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Please take all necessary steps to avoid getting locked out of your room. If you do get locked out it may take longer than usual to re-gain access to your room because of the limited availability of staff.

Mail and deliveries

Whilst hall receptions are closed, collection of post may be limited to specific times and days.

Please only arrange absolutely essential deliveries during this period. If you are expecting a delivery from a courier such as Amazon or DPD, you will need to make your own individual arrangements to receive the delivery directly from the delivery driver at the entrance to the building. Local arrangements for your hall will be communicated to you by your warden.


Urgent defects should still be reported and will be responded to as soon as possible.

Travel restrictions

A number of travel restrictions are in place domestically and internationally. In line with these restrictions, if you are currently staying in your hall of residence we strongly recommend that you remain there and do not make any further travel plans until the government’s advice changes.  

For those students still in halls with family or friends in the UK who now wish to travel home, government advice states that you should only return home if you are able to do so without using public transport. On returning home, your whole household should begin a period of household isolation for 14 days following Public Health England guidance.

Note that if a parent or friend comes to your hall to collect you, they should wait outside the building and should not enter the building at any time.

You should only leave the hall if it is essential and only for the reasons listed by the government. When outside you should stay at least 2m apart from others.

During the current restrictions, residents who have vacated halls and are currently staying elsewhere will not be permitted to return to their hall to collect personal belongings. Once the situation has become clearer, our teams will be in touch to discuss arrangements on how you can be reunited with your belongings. 

What do I do if I need to self-isolate?

If you experience symptoms of Covid-19 it is important that you self-isolate straight away and follow the government’s advice on self-isolation.

Notify your Hall Warden immediately and contact the Senior Tutor in your department to explain your circumstances and discuss arrangements regarding your studies.

You will be asked to identify a buddy from within the hall to support you with the essential such as food and drink. If you are unable to identify a buddy in your hall, a member of the Warden’s Team will support you.

More information and questions

Thank you for your patience and understanding as our teams have worked to respond to the developing situation and respond to your queries.

In the first instance, please visit our accommodation Covid-19 webpage for the latest information and FAQS.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question on the accommodation Covid-19 webpage, you can contact Student Accommodation on

Questions about pastoral care and support in your hall should be directed to your Hall Warden.