Request Silwood Park hall food support


If you need any help with Silwood Park Hall Food Support, please contact your Campus Services Coordinator or you duty Resident Assistant.

Residents of Silwood Park who are required to self-isolate due to having COVID-19 symptoms, or have a positive COVID-19 test result, can also request free hall food support that will be delivered to your bedroom door in order to protect your housemates and our wider community. 

We will provide you with freshly prepared, nutritional meals for three days whilst you are awaiting your test results. We cater for three different dietary preferences (meat/fish, vegetarian or vegan) as well as preparing bespoke meals for those with allergies. Should you need to self-isolate for longer than this, just let us know by 10.00 on the third day of your food support and you’ll receive another three days of meals.

Am I eligible for food support?

You are only eligible for food support if you are self-isolating due to developing COVID-19 symptoms or because you've tested positive for COVID-19. If you are self-isolating after travel or have been contacted by track and trace you do not qualify for this service. You are able to use your kitchens and are encouraged to order supermarket shops or takeaway meals to your halls. You will be able to collect your order from the main entrance as long as you wear a face mask and take all safety precautions when travelling within the hall.

How does the service work?

Before you can apply for hall food support you must have reported your self-isolation in line with our self-isolation protocol.

Due to production deadlines, you must register for our food delivery service by 10.00 weekdays in order to receive a hot meal that lunchtime - delivered to your door between 12.00–14.00. At that time you'll also receive cold items for dinner and breakfast that you can store in your room fridge.


  • Day 1: Order before 10.00, receive hot lunch that day, and cold items for dinner and breakfast the next day
  • Day 2: Receive hot lunch and cold items for dinner and breakfast the next day
  • Day 3: Reorder by 10.00 to continue service.

If you continue to require food support, you will need to register again for the service before 10.00 on day three to restart the cycle. Register again after midday on day two so you don’t miss out on any meals.

We are only able to offer hot food and deliveries on weekdays. If your self-isolation extends into the weekend, you will be provided with additional items in your Friday delivery. 

What happens if I miss the cut-off time or become ill at the weekend?

Whilst we provide food support for seven days a week, depending on when you develop symptoms and make your request to us, there may be a delay before we can start fulfilling your request. However, please rest assured that we will not leave any resident without food or other essential support.

Once you have reported to the halls your requirement to self-isolate, either the Campus Services Coordinator or Residents Assistant will contact you for an initial welfare check. At this time they will check what food support you may need until the delivery system is in place – this could be seeing whether your housemates are able to leave food at your door, whether from your kitchen supplies or collecting deliveries from the main entrance, or finding an alternative solution.

What do I receive?

You’ll receive one delivery a day direct to your door. You’ll receive a hot lunch between 12.00–14.00 along with cold food items for that evening and breakfast the next day. At weekends we’re only able to provide a cold meals, which you will receive in your Friday delivery.

The menus will vary daily, so you’ll have plenty of variety, however it won’t be possible to choose your meal, other than indicating your preference for a meat/fish, a vegetarian or a vegan menu. This will be applied to all meals you receive within your three-day cycle. We must be informed of any allergies at the point of application, and we shall cater to these accordingly.