Departure policy

Please be advised if you are leaving College Accommodation but are remaining a student at the College, you will still be liable for any rent payments up until a new student takes occupancy of your room, or the end of the Licence period should the room not be re-let.

If you are a student living in a College Hall of Residence and you wish to leave the accommodation, you will need to:

  1. Complete a Notice to Quit Form (if you are leaving College Accommodation)
  2. Complete a Room Move Form (if you are changing rooms within the same or another College Hall)

Both of these forms are available at the Student Hub. Once one of these forms have been completed and have been accepted by the Student Hub, they will advise you that they are in receipt of the form and the date on which you will be expected to vacate the accommodation. They will then contact the appropriate Hall Team to advise them that you will be vacating the accommodation and on which date.

The Hall staff will advise you of the procedure you need to follow in order to leave the accommodation