Departure policy

We understand that this may be unsettling time for residents and, depending on your individual circumstances, you may prefer to return home. Firstly, we encourage you to think carefully about this decision and discuss the matter with your academic department and your hall wardening team. We have robust safety measures in place across our halls and a range of support options available to you. 
If you do decide to leave your halls of residence, we may not be able to provide you a place should you wish to return at a later date. If you wish to proceed, you will need to complete a Notice to Quit‌ formOnce you have returned your keys and your room has been fully vacant for 7 days, we may be able to relet it. However, if you are leaving College Accommodation but are remaining a student at the College, you will still be liable for any rent payments up until a new student takes occupancy of your room, or the end of the Licence period.

 We currently have a large number of vacancies in Imperial College halls. This means that students who want to move into halls will be offered existing vacancies before being offered a space in a room that has been recently vacated. It is therefore unlikely that a replacement will be found for your room this year.

 Finally, if you are required to self-isolate, you must not vacate your hall during this period. This is in accordance with Public Health England guidance. We have a range of support options available if you are self-isolating, more details on which you can find here.

If you are a student living in a College Hall of Residence and you wish to leave the accommodation, you will need to:

Once this form has been completed you will need to send it to the Student Hub. They will then contact the appropriate Hall Team to advise them that you will be vacating the accommodation and on which date.

The Hall staff will then follow up to advise you of the procedure you need to follow in order to leave the accommodation.

Room Swaps

Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are not allowing any room swaps this year, except in exceptional circumstances, such as for medical and welfare grounds. If you think you would qualify for a room move, please email the Student Hub.