Summer Accommodation for Imperial Students

If you're a registered Imperial student planning to stay in London during your summer break, you can apply to stay in our Summer Halls; Xenia and Evelyn Gardens.

Please note that Summer accommodation is open from Saturday 02 July to Saturday 24 September 2022.

Rooms can be booked in weekly blocks of between 1 to 12 weeks at Xenia or 5 to 12 weeks at Evelyn Gardens. Prices will vary depending on the length of your stay.

To be eligible for a place in halls over the summer you must be enrolled as an Imperial student for the duration of your stay. If you are a final year student at Imperial, you will not be eligible and you will need to arrange alternative accommodation in the private sector.

Due to limited availability, it is not possible to book a short stay at Evelyn Gardens. If you would like to book for less than 5 weeks, you should apply to stay at Xenia.


How to apply

Applications for student Summer accommodation are now open until 17 June 2022.

During the application process, you will be asked to list your preferences of accommodation. Whilst we try to meet your preferences, we cannot guarantee you will get the room preference you list nor for the exact period you have requested. Rooms are provided on a first-come-first-served basis and allocation of specific Halls and rooms are at the discretion of the Accommodation team (based on availability). We recommend you apply early for the best availability. Offers will be sent via email and will be subject to registration checks, please allow 10 working days from the date you apply for a response.

You can read the Summer Accommodation Licence on our Accommodation Licenses page.


Weekly Rent Prices


Evelyn Gardens 
Room typeStandard stay (5 - 9 weeks)Long stay (10 - 12 weeks)
 Single standard (<8sqm)  £218.00  £182.00
 Single standard (bet. 8 and 15sqm)  £248.00  £207.00
 Single En-suite (<15sqm)  £257.60  £215.00 
 Single standard (bet. 15 and 20sqm)  £270.80  £226.00
 Single En-suite (bet. 15 and 20sqm)  £278.00  £232.00
 Premium standard (>20sqm)  £285.20  £238.00
 Premium En-suite (>20sqm)  £305.60  £255.00
Last updated 26/04/2022
Rent per week - Summer 2022 


Room typeShort stay rate (1 - 4 weeks)Standard stay (5 - 9 weeks)Long stay (10 - 12 weeks)
 Single En-suite small (<10sqm)  £299.00  £266.00  £222.00
 Single En-suite large (>10.1sqm)  £313.85  £279.20  £233.00
 Twin ensuite*  £344.90  £306.80  £256.00
 Single standard small (Band A)  £159.95  £142.40.  £119.00
 Single standard large (Band B)  £170.75  £152.00  £127.00
 Twin standard* (Band A)  £176.15  £156.80  £131.00
 Twin standard* (Band B)  £186.95  £166.40  £139.00
Last updated 26/04/2022
Rent per week - Summer 2022

 *Although displayed as twin rooms, in order to support social distancing guidelines all twin rooms for 2022 will be let as single occupancy.


More about the Halls


Evelyn Gardens

Holbein, Southwell and Willis Jackson residences in Evelyn Gardens will be available for Imperial students over the summer. Evelyn Gardens is set around a traditional London townhouse square and is a short walking distance from South Kensington campus. 



Xenia is a hall of residence located in the heart of London: Waterloo. Students can be walking along the River Thames in just a matter of minutes, with its famous and iconic backdrop of cultural attractions including the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern gallery. There are a range of standard, en-suite, single and twin options available.

Please note that check-in for Xenia is only available 08.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday . Check-ins will not be available outside of these times. If you need to arrive outside of these reception hours, you should apply to Evelyn Gardens where reception is open 24 hours, or stay in alternative accommodation and arrive at Xenia during their reception hour.


Further Information

Please email the Student Accommodation team at if you have any queries. 

Alternatively please telephone + (0)20 7594 3300 to speak to one of our team directly.