Photo of student hub Accommodation Services are committed to providing an excellent level of customer service and we strive to maintain this, with regular reviews, staff training and acting upon feedback from our customers.

As Accommodation Services staff we are committed to:

  • providing a range of affordable student accommodation
  • maintaining our accommodation, in order to provide a safe, secure, clean living environment
  • allocating students to accommodation in an equitable and transparent manner
  • providing legal advice regarding private accommodation where appropriate
  • responding to all enquiries/feedback/complaints within a given time frame
  • providing a service during core operating hours of 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday
  • valuing a student’s privacy and treating all personal information confidentially
  • treating all students fairly, whatever their age, sexual orientation, religious belief, ability, gender or race
  • partaking in regular training to ensure we are effective and accessible to a diverse student community and to embrace any changes which will improve the service we provide

Dealing with your enquiry

  • The Student Hub staff members are Accommodation Services first point of contact - you can find them on level 3 of the Sherfield building.
  • Hall Supervisors are Accommodation Services first point of contact within the Halls of Residence.
  • The Student Hall staff and Hall Supervisors will endeavour to respond promptly and in a professional manner.
  • Where a Student Hub staff member or a Hall Supervisor is  unable to respond to a face to face or telephone enquiry directly, they will refer the enquiry to the relevant member of staff for resolution e.g. Student Hub Manager/Village Manager.

Most difficulties are easier to address in the early stages, so please do not hesitate to seek support. The service you receive will be professional and confidential. Accommodation Services adheres to the College’s data protection policy, visit the Data Protection page for more information.

Letter and Email Correspondence

The Student Hub team can be contacted at The Hall Supervisors contact details will be given to students on arrival and
will also be displayed around each Hall. We will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of all e-mail enquiries within 2 working days. Where possible a full response to the e-mail will be provided within 10 working days.

We will endeavour to respond to all letter correspondence within 10 working day of receipt, for further contact information please visit the Contact Us page.

Logging a Complaint

If a student finds that they are dissatisfied with the quality of services provided by Accommodation Services, they can raise a complaint by e-mail, letter or in person at the relevant Hall/Village or the Student Hub.

Accommodation Services Complaint Management

All complaints received are taken very seriously and will be dealt with immediately where possible. We empower all Student Hub and Hall staff to attempt to resolve most complaints. If your complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, it will be forwarded to a member of the Accommodation Services Management team.

When investigating a complaint a staff member will:

  • gather and analyse all relevant information, clarifying any confusion which may have occurred
  • decide on appropriate action to resolve the complaint
  • where possible discuss the issue with the member in an informal setting
  • when necessary regularly update the student on progress of an investigation until the matter is finalised/resolved

For further information on our ‘comments, compliments and complaints’ policy please visit the Comments, Compliments and Complaints page.

Our Expectations

To ensure that we are able to provide the best possible service, we expect all students to:

  • treat all staff members in a polite courteous manner
  • respect the safety, privacy and needs of all others
  • inform us how we can improve our services via online feedback form/email/letter/telephone or face to face
  • refrain from using any abusive or aggressive form of language when corresponding with a member of staff

Please note that where a student is found to be acting in an abusive or aggressive manner towards a staff member, they will politely but firmly close/terminate the conversation and inform their line manager of their actions. This may result in disciplinary action for the student involved.