All student accommodation offered by Imperial College London has robust fire safety measures in place:

  • Residential buildings include automatic fire detection in each room and throughout communal areas. Fire detectors and alarms have backup power supplies and are maintained by specialist engineers. There are also manual alarm buttons present in all buildings - these can be triggered by anyone who may discover an outbreak of fire before it is automatically detected.

  • There are staff available 24/7 in each hall who are trained in how to respond in the event of fire alarm activation.

  • We conduct fire drills, including while people are asleep, to check that our fire evacuation processes are effective.  

  • Checks and audits of our buildings are regularly carried out and we work very closely with the local Fire Brigade who inspect our halls.

  • All of our halls are signed up to the UUK Student Accommodation Code or the National Code which protect our students rights to a safe, good quality place to live.

More information on College fire safety can be found on our estates webpages at:

Stay safe in Halls

Fire safety video