This year we will be offering a 10 week summer licence for undergraduate students at Evelyn Gardens. The licence will begin on 26 June 2021 and finish on 4 September 2021 (These dates may change). Please note: you must be a registered undergraduate student to apply and we will only be able to offer a full 10 week licence, with no shorter licences available.

If you would like to apply for summer accommodation please contact us at

Summer at Evelyn Gardens 2021
Room typePrice per weekTotal cost for Summer
 Standard <8sqm  £178  £1780
 Standard 8-15sqm  £202  £2020
 Standard 15-20sqm  £220  £2200
 Premium Standard >20.1sqm  £232  £2320
 Single En-suite <15sqm  £210  £2100
 Single En-suite 15-20sqm  £226  £2260
 Ensuite > 20sqm  £249  £2490
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