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At a glance

  • 453 bed spaces
  • premium en-suite single, en-suite single, en-suite twin
  • £153 - £281 per week
  • located in South Kensington

Eastside Halls of Residence, founded in 2009, are located within Prince's Gardens, just across the road from the main South Kensington campus. They are sited adjacent to Southside Halls of Residence.

Eastside is comprised of three adjoining halls:

  1. Gabor Hall was named after Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-British electrical engineer and physicist who fled to the UK from Nazi Germany in 1933 and later became the inventor of holography, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971. Gabor joined Imperial College in 1948 and remained here until his retirement in 1967.
  2. Linstead Hall was named in honour of Sir Patrick Linstead, a prominent English chemist who later became the 7th Rector of Imperial College.
  3. Wilkinson Hall is named in honour of Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson, Nobel Laureate of Chemistry in 1973 and Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Imperial College.

The Eastside-Southside residential complex provides a convenience store, two common rooms and a café/restaurant/bar. It is also located next to the College’s flagship sports centre, Ethos, where students can use the gym and swim facilities (annual membership £30). 

Eastside in more detail

Room types and rents

Eastside Halls of Residence provide self-catered accommodation for 453 undergraduate students. All the rooms, including single and twin study bedrooms, are en-suite within this hall.

The rents for 2018/19 are as follows:

Type of roomNumber of bed spacesWeekly rent*

Premium en-suite single
(bed size: 4'6" x 6'6")
(bed size: 1.37m x 1.98m)

134 £281*
En-suite single
(bed size: 3' x 6'3" or 3' x 6'6" )
(bed size: 0.91m x 1.91m or 0.91m x 1.98m)
229 £238*
En-suite twin
(bed size: 3' x 6'3" or 3' x 6'6" )
(bed size: 0.91m x 1.91m or 0.91m x 1.98m)
90 £153* per person
* Hall Activities Fund (£2 per student per week) is a mandatory charge which is used to facilitate social activities and events throughout the year. This charge is included in the weekly rent rate.

Visit Fees and Payment page for more information

All Eastside Halls have a contract period of 38 weeks and 5 days - please see the 'Amendment of Accommodation Licence Notice'.

Page last updated: 19/07/2018

Features and facilities

Hall features and facilities:

  • All rooms are en-suite
  • Telephone and wired internet access in all study bedrooms
Kitchen and Common areas  
  • Shared kitchens on each floor with communal fridges and freezers and individual storage cupboards
  • Specially adapted kitchens and en-suite study bedrooms for students with disabilities
  • Common room
  • WiFi internet provided in all common areas
Other features and facilities  
  • Non-smoking hall
  • Individual mail boxes
  • Fully equipped laundry facilities on-site
  • All floors accessible by lift
  • Nearby swim and gym facilities for all students (please note that a non refundable £40 fee will apply for fitness orientations before you can use the gym). 
  • Secure swipe card access
  • 24-hour front entrance CCTV
  • Vending vestibule and ATM located on ground level 24-hours a day

Please note: if you have been allocated to a premium room then please make sure that you bring linen suitable for a double bed.



Gabor Hall
Eastside Halls of Residence
Prince's Gardens
London, SW7 1AZ
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Linstead Hall
Eastside Halls of Residence
Prince's Gardens
London, SW7 1BU
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Wilkinson Hall
Eastside Halls of Residence
Prince's Gardens
London, SW7 1AW
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Eastside Halls of Residence are located in Prince’s Gardens just off Exhibition Road – the heart of cultural South Kensington. It is a short 5 minute walk to the main South Kensington campus.

Within Prince’s Gardens is a convenience store, to purchase all your day-to-day necessities, a café/restaurant/bar, and the College’s main sports centre, Ethos.

Eastside is ideally placed for easy access to the galleries and museums of Exhibition Road (5 minute walk), the shops of High Street Kensington (10 minute bus ride) and the restaurants of Brompton Road including the famous Harrods shopping mall (10 minute bus ride).

To view more photos of Eastside, visit the 360 tours page.