moving in weekend

Welcome to your new home!

Move-in Day for students starting in 2020 will be announced here closer to start of term.

You will receive detailed information during the online AccHub induction process that begins in September. However, here we have put together a selection of everything you will need to prepare prior to your arrival and what to expect during the arrival weekend.

Useful information

What to pack

Ensure that your boxes are clearly labelled (in English) with your name, hall name, Imperial College etc. Please make sure you only pack what you need to bring as otherwise you will find moving in difficult and you will not have room for everything you bring. Remember that you can always buy things after you have arrived at the College.

All study bedrooms are equipped with:

  • a bed
  • study desk
  • chair
  • wardrobe
  • shelving
  • desk lamp
  • curtains or blinds
  • chest of drawers
  • notice board
  • book shelf
  • laundry basket

What to bring for your bedroom

  • pillows
  • duvet
  • flat sheets as bed sizes vary
  • alarm clock
  • clothes hangers
  • toiletries
  • hairdryer
  • towels
  • toilet roll
  • network cable

All kitchens are equipped with

  • cookers
  • hobs
  • toasters
  • kettles
  • microwaves

What to bring for your kitchen

  • cutlery
  • crockery
  • pots and pans
  • washing powder or liquid
  • tea towels
  • cleaning materials, e.g. wash cloths, mild cleaning detergent

If you are bringing a bicycle we recommend that you secure your bicycle with a D-lock.

Imperial students can receive a discount from UniKitOut, a company that specialises in providing packs that are tailored to the needs of new students. You may wish to consider pre-ordering bedding, crockery, cutlery and even some essential electrical items. Quote IMP10 at the checkout.

What not to bring

You are advised to not bring the following prohibited item with you:

  • electric fires
  • gas and liquid fuel heaters
  • candles
  • rice cookers
  • pressure cookers
  • deep fat fryers
  • one cup coffee/tea makers
  • hookah pipes
  • e-cigarettes
  • refrigerator
  • hot plates
  • TV - televisions are already provided in most common areas. If you intend to bring your own TV for your room you will need a TV licence - for more info see Do students need a TV Licence?

Traffic and parking information

As the majority of our Halls are in Central London, vehicle parking during Move-in Day is generally very limited. Individual instructions for each Hall are below and our Wardening team will be present to assist you on the day itself. Wherever possible, we recommend that students utilise public transport for moving in.

Parsons Hous

Parking is very limited around Parsons House. You will be able to park briefly to unload but your vehicle should remain accompanied at all times. You are then required to park your vehicle in the nearby Charing Cross Hospital Campus car park.

Pembridge Gardens

If you are driving with family and friends, please be aware that parking on and around Pembridge Gardens is restricted. You will be able to park outside briefly to unload but your vehicle should remain accompanied at all times. You may find parking on adjoining roads but please be aware that they are likely to be very busy.

Wilson House

You will not be able to park on site at Wilson House but you can access the driveway for 15 minutes to unload your belongings. Metered parking is available in the surrounding streets.


Parking around Xenia is limited. You will be able to park outside briefly to unload your vehicle but it should remain accompanied at all times. You may find parking on nearby Secker Street and Exton Street, SE1.

Other useful information

Pre-arrival administration

We know you're provided with a lot of information on things you have to do before arriving. Here we've compiled a list of some of the essential steps to remember.

Have you:

Beit hall move in

Moving in Eastside

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