On campus

Frequently asked questions


There will be catering services on campus for the beginning of the academic year.
The Catering team are currently developing a number of measures to ensure that each outlet is fully adapted to ensure social distancing. It is likely that all campus outlets will be cashless from the beginning of the academic year.
We're also developing a pre-order app.

The library

In accordance with government guidance the Library currently remains closed. Because of this, we are operating an online service only and our staff are available to answer your enquiries and help you with access to online resources.

If you require a book that is showing as print only please contact your librarian – they will help you source an electronic version or an alternative.

We will keep you informed about our plans to reopen on our website at Remote services and library closures and on Twitter @imperiallibrary.

The gym

Gym and leisure facilities are a vital component of the student experience.

We are committed to providing gym and class services in the new academic year.

Currently, we are awaiting further guidance from the government on specific adaptations required to ensure social distancing – more details will be provided when they’re available.

Student halls

Will there be halls socials?

Our Wardening teams are committed to ensuring that a range of social activities remain at the heart of the halls community. These may take a different form to previous years, with a higher utilisation of remote or digital social activities.

How will I get to College if I’m in a hall in North Acton?

Due to its location, residents in North Acton will likely be required to take public transport. Alternatively, you will also be able to cycle to South Kensington, which takes between 35-50 minutes. This will be clearly advertised during the application process and students will have a range of options that are also available within walking distance to South Kensington.

Private accommodation

Imperial’s Student Hub team can provide plenty of advice and support, even before you arrive at the College.

The private accommodation website is full of useful information and resources from how to search for properties, what to expect from a contract and your responsibilities to listings of agents and private halls providers.

The Student Hub team can also answer any specific questions you may have and offer a contract checking service as well as a rent guarantor scheme.

We know you have more questions and we are working to answer them as quickly as we can.