Scholarship overview

  • Degree level

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters research, Doctorate

  • Value

    Contribution of up to £7500

  • Number of awards


  • Academic year


  • Fee status

    Home, Overseas

  • Mode of study

    Full time, Part time

  • Application deadline


  • Additional information

    Scholarship page

  • Available to applicants in the following departments

    • Centre for Environmental Policy
    • Chemistry
    • Earth Science and Engineering
    • Life Sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Physics

Eligibility criteria

These bursaries are open to female students from Imperial College who are studying for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Life Sciences and Earth Sciences (Geology), or the Centre for Environmental Policy to undertake an international research placement of up to a maximum of three months with a leading female scientist in a similar institution. The Stevenson Fund is aimed at assisting the long-term scientific careers and ambitions of women in key scientific disciplines in which there is significant female under-representation.

Application process

The application form can be found here: Completed forms should be emailed to


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