Your eligibility for Direct Loans is dependent upon your continued attendance and participation on the relevant degree programme.

If there is any change to your circumstances (for example temporary or permanent withdrawal, extensions, etc.) you must inform us and the US Department of Education immediately. 

You will be required to provide the Student Financial Support team with the name and contact details (including email address) of your supervisor/tutor within the first two weeks of the start of the academic year. 

We are required to contact them and confirm your satisfactory academic progress at the end of each study term (trimester).

Please read the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for further information.

Without this progress confirmation we are unable to process any of your Direct Loan payments.

Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Academic Progress reports

In the event that your SAP report is not satisfactory you will be put on probation for three months. 

Failure to improve academic results during this period will affect future loan payments.