We understand the important role that international teachers and counsellors play in your students' university application journey and we can support you during each stage of the UCAS cycle - from advising on courses and the UCAS application process to answering questions from offer-holders.  

If you have any questions, or you are holding a careers events or would like to request a presentation/webinar for your school, please contact the International Recruitment Team.

Counsellor Conferences

We attend a number of international counsellor conferences throughout the year - participating in networking events and presenting in panel discussions. These are excellent opportunities to meet us and ask any questions you have about Imperial.

For more information about these events, contact the International Recruitment team.

Imperial's Teachers and Advisers Conference

Join us for our counsellor conference where you can find out about our courses, admissions and more. This is an excellent opportunity to discover more about Imperial and what we can offer your students. Register your interest to be the first to find out when bookings open.

Useful resources

You may find the following resources on Imperial and the UCAS application process useful when advising your students and writing the UCAS references.  You and your students can also find out more about Imperial through our open days,  webinars, Global Summer School or chatting to our current students.

What makes a successful applicant open day video

What makes a successful applicant?

Mel Williams, Director of Admissions and Student Support (Financial and International) at Imperial College London, talks about the process of applying to universities like Imperial through UCAS. (Recorded for the 2019 Open Days)

Writing a personal statement open day video 2018

Personal Statement Advice

Richard Patient from the Student Recruitment and Outreach department talks about things to consider when writing your personal statement, and advice on how to go about writing it. (Recorded for the Open Day 2018)

Shahid Khan, Director of Admissions and Inclusivity, explains how to apply to Medicine at Imperial.

Applying to Medicine

Shahid Khan, Director of Admissions and Inclusivity, explains how to apply for Medicine at Imperial.

Global Summer School video

Global Summer School

Imperial invites students to experience a summer like no other on our intensive two-week residential programme - students will learn from academic experts, surrounded by state of the art environments for Medicine and Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering.

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Hear more from our current international students

Zalma and Fatima talk about studying Medicine at Imperial

Medical students Zalma and Fatima share their experiences of studying with us, the workload, the support available, the Imperial Somali society, living in London and offer advice and tips for prospective students.

Zalma and Fatima, second-year Medicine students

Zalma and Fatima talk about studying Medicine at Imperial

Zalma and Fatima talk: Studying Medicine, the Imperial Somali Society and living in London

Medical students Zalma and Fatima share their experiences of studying with us, the workload, the support available, the Imperial Somali society, living in London and offer advice and tips for prospective students.

Akila, from India, speaks about Imperial College London

Akila, final-year Biological Sciences with Management, India

Akila talks: Student accommodation, moving away from home and the Imperial Indian Society

Meet Akila, a Biological Sciences with Management student from Bangalore, India. She shares what life is like as an International student studying and living in London. She reflects on finding a home away from home in London by finding support from the large Asian community here. She shares her journey from the application process to choosing accommodation to life in the capital.

Daniel, from Spain, talks about Imperial

Daniel, first-year Biomedical Engineering, Spain

Daniel talks: Imperial's quality of teaching, the African Caribbean society and curly fries

Meet Daniel, a first-year Biomedical Engineering student from Spain who shares his experience with us so far. He talks about making friends, joining the African Caribean society and his love for curly fries from our student union pub.

Erica, from Canada, talks about Imperial College London

Erica, first-year Biological Sciences, Canada

Erica talks: Canada, Imperial's clubs and societies and embracing life in London

Meet first-year Biological Sciences student, Erica from Toronto, Canada. One of the main reasons Erica chose Imperial as her first choice was the social aspect of university life. She is part of Art society, Pilots club and the Tennis club which has allowed her to learn new skills, make friends and have fun!

Kah Yan, second-year Malaysian student, talks about Imperial

Kah Yan, second-year Medical Bioscience student, Malaysia

Kah Yan talks: Malaysia, Imperial's scientific research and settling into life in London

Second-year Medical Biosciences student Kah Yan from Malaysia shares her experience of being an international student and how she settled into university life in London

Ramana, from Singapore, talks about Imperial College London

Ramana, third-year Aeronautics, Singapore

Ramana talks: Spacecraft, Singapore and money saving tips

International student Ramana discusses his passion for planes and engineering from a young age and the reason he chose to relocate to London to study Aeronautical Engineering with us. He shares his top budgeting tips and why London is the best city to live in!

Academic-related resources

Our staff have created a range of MOOCs and virtual activities which can help your students gain an insight into studying STEM subjects and to prepare for degree-level studies. We will continue to update this list as more resources become available:

Imperial Lockdown Lessons

Students can find out how scientists at Imperial have rapidly responded to the COVID-19 pandemic - from modelling the spread of the virus to creating a handheld COVID-19 test.

Free online Maths courses

Our free online programmes on the EDX platform include Maths courses aimed at students in their final two years of high school. Students can register at any time and study the material at their own pace. The programmes are based on the A Level curriculum but can complement other Maths qualifications as they aim to prepare students for undergraduate STEM degrees. 

Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

Learn how to apply tools and techniques to better solve problems, generate ideas, and excel in your chosen career

Recommended reading

If your passion is science and you’re looking for something inspiring to read, take a look at our recommended reading list of favourite books suggested by our staff, ambassadors and academics.

Academic virtual activities

Earth Science Outreach Sessions for GCSE and A-Levels students

Earth Science incorporates physics, maths, chemistry and geography to understand the Earth and other planets. Could your year 11, 12 or 13 students benefit from an interactive Earth Science workshop? Or would they like to hear a recorded research talk by an academic at Imperial?

 The workshops take one to three hours, on topics including:

  • Managing the Energy Transition
  • Space Exploration and Mission Planning
  • Life on Mars
  • Seismology: Imaging the Earth

We can deliver these sessions remotely or share a pre-recorded sessions. The recorded talks are:

  • Research Talk – Climate Science
    Professor Tina van de Flierdt talks about how we use geochemistry to understand past and future climate change. 

  • Research Talk - Life on Mars 
    Dr Steven Banham talks about his work as a planetary geologist, his role in the search for life on Mars, and what we are looking for on the Red Planet.

  • Research Talk – Earthquakes
    Dr Rebecca Bell, Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial, talks about earthquakes in her lecture “Did the Earth move for you?”
  • Research Talk – Cosmic Dust 
    Dr Matt Genge, Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial, talks about his research on tiny particles that tell us about the solar system, and how we can find them.

  • Research Talk – Astrobiology 
    Dr Tara Slater, Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial, talks about her work looking for life on icy moons. 

  • Research Talk – Space Mining 
    Dr Kathryn Hadler, Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial, will talk about whether we might be mining on the moon in 2050. What resources are there? How could it help us here on Earth? 

 To find out more or request a session, please email Victoria Murphy, Department of Earth Science and Engineering.