From 1 February 2016 all private landlords in England will be required by law to make ‘right to rent’ checks. This means checking that all tenants have the right to be in the UK.

What this means for students

All students entering a new tenancy agreement or extending their existing tenancy agreement for private accommodation on or after 1 February 2016 will have specific documents checked by the landlord or letting agent.

The Student Accommodation team can answer your questions about renting accommodation in the private sector.


The landlord or letting agent must see the original documents and will take copies of the originals. They will return the original documents to you.

As an international student in the UK your proof of right to rent will be your

  • Passport and
  • Biometric Resident Permit

Guidance for landlords on acceptable documents

Arranging accommodation before you arrive in the UK

If you arrange your accommodation before you arrive in the UK then your landlord or letting agent will check your right to rent before you move into the property. A right to rent check cannot be carried out more than 28 days before you enter into a tenancy agreement with your landlord.

If your required documents are with the Home Office

If your documents, such as your passport and visa, are with the Home Office, your landlord will need to request a ‘right to rent’ check for you. This can take 48 hours.

If you have used the Check and Send Service through the International Student Support office then we can provide a letter confirming that your documents are with the Home Office. This letter is not a substitute for your documents or a ‘right to rent’ check.

Home Office online checking system for landlords