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Undertake your PhD research at work or another approved setting

About the scheme

If you work in a public research institution, industrial research laboratory or at another university then you may be able to register for a PhD at Imperial but carry out the research where you work, under the PRI scheme.

You will still need to spend at least two months of each year at the College, but the rest of the time can be spent at your other institution.

How to apply

If you wish to apply to be registered under this scheme you should first discuss this with your local supervisor and your Imperial supervisor. 

Once a research project has been agreed, you can make a formal application to the College using the usual online application form.

Once your application is received by your department, they will organise for the PRI/A Form to be completed and submitted for appropriate checks and consideration by the Director of the Graduate School. 

If the College is willing to accept your registration as a PRI student we will make you a conditional offer which reflect this. For further information see: