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Carry out some of your PhD research abroad

About the scheme

It is not possible to obtain a PhD degree from Imperial wholly on an external basis. 

The overwhelming majority of research students who obtain their PhD at Imperial follow a programme of study involving attendance on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis.

However, under the Split PhD scheme the College occasionally permits students to carry out some of the research for a PhD abroad under approved conditions. 

Generally, the objective of the split PhD scheme is to enable projects of particular relevance to the PhD student’s country to be conducted through in-country research combined with work at Imperial. 

Who can take part

Arrangements are normally confined to institutions overseas with which the College has established links and/or connections and in cases where the research problem requires local fieldwork, for example, the study of a particular aspect of geology or biology.

All applications for split PhD programmes are considered on their individual merits.

Not all Departments in the College will necessarily entertain applications for a split PhD.

How you split your time

If a split PhD arrangement is approved, you will be required to be in physical attendance at the College for a minimum of 12 months out of the normal 36 months duration of a PhD programme. 

Sometimes a minimum attendance in excess of 12 months may be prescribed where there is evidence that the successful completion of the PhD requires it.

How to apply

For further information on the scheme and information on how to apply see: