Explore the ways you can advance your knowledge at Imperial. 

Our four global challenge course guides are themed around major ideas and issues facing the world today. These four areas drive our most crucial and demanding research and motivate us to work together to find solutions.  

Each guide groups together courses from across all our departments, so you can explore what we offer according to what interests you most. You may find exciting course options that you had not considered before. 

Imperial is interdisciplinary, so many departments welcome students from outside their area of expertise if they have a background in a relevant discipline. You could choose a Master's degree from an entirely different but complementary department to your undergraduate degree.  

These global challenges will evolve and change with time but our community’s expertise and focus on collaboration means we are well-placed to address the big questions of the future. Read our guides to discover how Imperial’s scientists, engineers, medics and business experts are combining their diverse talents to transform the future - and find your own path in the process. 

The Postgraduate study guide [PDF] provides a helpful overview of our application process.