Prior to applying candidates must have made contact with a supervisor in an academic department at Imperial College London who has agreed to supervise their research project. President's PhD Scholarships primary supervisors are only permitted to supervise one student at any time. The lists below indicate supervisors who are currently unavailable to new students. 

Departments should notify Student Financial Support of any changes to supervision or if a supervisor needs to be added/removed from this list.

List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering


Dr George Papadakis
Dr Peter Vincent
Dr. Zahra Sharif Khodae
Dr Oliver Buxton
Professor Spencer Sherwin


Dr Adam Celiz
Dr Chiu Fan Lee
Dr David Labonte
Dr Firat Guder
Dr Guy Bart Stan
Dr Sam Au
Dr Thomas Ouldridge
Professor Mengxing Tang

Chemical Engineering

Dr J Krishnan
Dr Camille Petit
Professor Erich Müller
Professor Serafim Kalliadasis

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Ana Mijic
Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda​
Dr Marc Stettler
Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis
Dr Peter Stafford
Professor Ahmed Elghazouli
Professor Ahmer Wadee
Professor Bassam Izzuddin


Dr Ben Glocker
Dr Giuliano Casale
Dr Mario Berta
Dr Stefan Leutenegger
Prof Daniel Rueckert
Professor Daniel Ruecker

Design Engineering

Dr Mazdak Ghajari
Dr Stephen Green
Rafael A Calvo

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Pantelis Georgiou
Professor Peter Cheung
Professor Pier Dragotti
Professor Yiannis Demiris

Earth Science and Engineering

Dr Jenny Collier
Dr. Ian Bastow
Professor Mark Rehkamper
Professor Saskia Goes
Professor Tina van de Flierdt

Mechanical Engineering

Aimee Morgans
Professor Jianguo Lin
Professor Yannis Hardalupas
Ravi Vaidyanathan
Dr Zhusheng Shi


Professor Arash Mostofi
Professor Aron Walsh
Professor Eduardo Saiz
Professor Molly Stevens

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List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Brain Sciences Professor Simone Di Giovanni
Dr Marco Brancaccio
Dr Robin Carhart-Harris
Dr Paul Edison
Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes
Professor Nicholas Mazarakis

Clinical Sciences Professor Jesus Gil
Professor Christian Speck
Professor David Carling
Saravana Ramasamy
Dr Vicki Metzis
Professor Dame Amanda Fisher
Professor Irene  Miguel-Aliaga
Dr William Scott

Immunology & Inflammation

Dr Jim Cawley

Infectious Disease

Professor Xiaodong Zhang
Dr David Riglar
Dr Jesus Rodriguez Manzano

Metabolism, Digestion & Reproduction

Dr Veronique Azuara
Professor Guy Rutter
Dr Beth Holden
Professor Kevin Murphy

National Heart & Lung Institute Professor Julia Gorelik
Professor Louise Donnelly
Dr Beata Wojciak-Stothard
Dr Vania Braga

Public Health Dr Abbas Dehghan
Dr David Muller
Dr Mireille Toledano
Dr Paolo Vineis
James Bennett
Majid Ezzati
Professor Bruce Neal
Dr Filippos Filippidis
Dr Queenie Chan
Professor Edward Gregg
Professor Nicholas Grassly
Dr Anthony Laverty 
Dr Jeffrey Eaton 
Dr Katharina Hauck
Professor Christopher Millett

Surgery and Cancer

Dr Luca Magnani
Professor Charlotte Bevan
Professor Justin Cobb
Dr Ana Costa-Pereira
Professor Hector Keun

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List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Department Supervisor

Centre for Environmental Policy

Dr Mike Tennant
Dr Niall Mac Dowell
Dr Iain Staffell 


Professor Alan Spivey
Professor Martin Heeney
Professor Tom Welton
Dr Artem Bakulin
Dr Marco Di Antonio
Professor Ed Tate
Professor Nick Long
Professsor Matt Fuchter
Dr Felice Torrisi
Professor Alexei Kornyshev
Professor Sophia Yaliraki
Dr Andy Ashley
Dr Anna Barnard
Dr Mark Crimmin
Dr Maxie Roessler

Life Sciences

Dr Giorgio Gilestro
Professor Jasper van Thor
Professor  Jacob Baum
Professor Peter Nixon
Dr Joe Tobias
Dr Jose Jimenez
Professor Steve Matthews
Professor Vincent Savolainen


Dr David Ham
Dr Ory Schnitzer
Dr Seth Flaxman
Professor Jose Carrillo 
Professor Richard Thomas
Dr Edward Cohen
Dr Heather Battey
Professor Ari Laptev
Professor Martin Hairer
Professor Alexander Ivanov
Professor Almut Veraart
Professor Axel Gandy 
Professor Boguslaw Zegarlinski
Professor Jeroen Lamb
Dr Anthea Monod
Dr Eva-Maria Graefe
Dr Igor Krasovsky
Dr Kevin Webster
Dr Oliver Ratmann


Dr Paul Dauncey
Prof Jenny Nelson
Prof Sir John Pendry
Professor Jerome Gauntlett
Professor Ji-Seon Kim
Professor Sergey Lebedev
Dr Christopher Dunsby
Dr Daniel Mortlock
Dr Piers Barnes
Professor C Contaldi
Professor Claudia de Rham
Professor Timothy Hornbury
Dr Riccardo Sapienza
Professor Andrew Tolley
Professor Arkady Tseytlin
Professor Morgan Wascko
Professor Alan Heavens
Professor Fay Dowker
Professor Mathhew Foulkes
Professor Myungshik Kim
Professor Paul French

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List of unavailable supervisors in the Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School

Business School

Dr Anne ter Wal
Dr Christopher Hansman
Dr Heikki Peura
Dr Reza Skandari
Marcin Kacperczyk
Paolo Zaffaroni
Professor Harjoat Bhamra
Professor Kalyan Talluri
Professor Maurizio Zollo

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