PhD scholarship recipient

Our Scholarships search tool is designed to help you search for all available scholarships in one place:

  • Enter the degree level you either will be or are currently studying
  • Specify if you are a Home or International (non-EU) student and whether you will be studying full- or part-time as there are different scholarships available for each
  • Define your faculty and/or department, or leave as 'All' to view scholarships across the university

Remember, the more detail you provide, the more tailored the response.

The application process is different for each scholarship, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully for each award.

Also take note of the closing date – if it has already passed for this year, put it in your calendar for next year as a number of scholarships are available for continuing as well as new students.

Some scholarships are handled externally and you may be required to liaise directly with the scholarship body.

Please note that, although updated regularly, this is not an exhaustive list of all scholarships offered at Imperial.