The Graduate School's Motif

The Graduate School plays a key role in supporting the postgraduate student experience as well as in education policy and strategy development.  The Graduate School enriches the postgraduate student experience via a tailored programme of professional skills training, cohort building and coaching which enhances the professional impact of Imperial students and helps to ensure that their personal ambitions are realised.  In partnership with other stakeholders, the Graduate School provides opportunities for students to meet each other at social and academic events, promoting interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, encouraging collaborations and creating supportive global research communities and peer groups.

Strategic Aims

The Graduate School will support and enhance the postgraduate student experience by:

  • Providing and developing innovative professional skills courses for Master’s and Research students
  • Developing online support for postgraduate students, including skills courses and guidance
  • Providing a comprehensive programme of training for students engaged  in teaching
  • Listening to the views of postgraduate students and providing fora to represent their voice throughout College
  • Engaging with industry, professional bodies and other external stakeholders  to ensure external relevance, visibility and guidance to the provision
  • Enhancing opportunities for students to communicate their research in innovative ways to a variety of audiences, and to engage with the public in outreach activities
  • Encouraging cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration by hosting social and academic networking activities
  • Helping researchers to develop their global perspectives and potential collaborations via the provision of international Global Fellows Programme
  • Facilitating the development of student peer support groups or cohorts, including tailored events and activities
  • Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate students and providing a coaching programme to support research students
  • Providing clear and  succinct information about College policies, procedures and progression through programmes of study
  • Ensuring that research supervisors are provided with effective and engaging development opportunities