Key Information

Tutor: Dr Chris Cooling  
Course Level: Level 2 
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Python is essential. Ideally an attendee will have used Python intensively for at least three months prior to attending this course. Python users who are already familiar with Matplotlib will gain less from this course as it is primarily aimed at those learning about this package for the first time. 
Course Duration: 2 x 2 hour sessions 
Format: Live online or live face to face with hands on practice 

Course Resources

Python can be used to analyse or create large datasets. Visualising these datasets in plots can help you to understand them and to communicate their meaning to others, both of which are vital for good research. Using the Matplotlib package is the most common way to create plots in Python. It is a very powerful and versatile package which can work with a variety of types of data to produce many types of customisable figures.

This course aims to introduce the basic features of Matplotlib and to give students experience of producing plots. The tutor will provide explanations and demonstrate interactive examples before students complete exercises independently using the techniques which have just been demonstrated. Students will also be able to take the examples from these course materials to use them as templates in future projects.



  • Overview and the Matplotlib Gallery
  • Plot types - discrete data
  • Plot types - continuous data
  • Plotting data with two dimensions
  • Customising plots
  • Multiple plots
  • Saving plots
  • Extended projects

Learning outcomes:

After completing this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Understand how to use example codes to create high-quality figures for your publications and thesis
  • Create and export a variety of plots using matplotlib
  • Represent multiple data series efficiently on a single plot
  • Customise the appearance of plots and generate subplots in one figure 

Dates & Booking Information

Thursday 19 May 2022 (Part 1) & 
Friday 20 May 2022 (Part 2)
South Kensington (Face-to-Face)
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Please email the Graduate School with your CID number to book your place.