Preparing Yourself for Remote Exams (Early Stage Assessment, Late Stage Review and Viva)

The College recognises how important your examinations are to you and that you will want to be prepared and confident to get the most from your examination. This document is designed to provide you with information on how you can work with your supervisor and your department to ensure your milestone and viva examinations run smoothly.

Guidance for Students on Preparing for Remote Exams [Pdf]

Isolation and Online Communities 

You are encouraged to support each other and to find time to meet with others who are part of your wider research group(s)/lab group(s).    This will help you to develop an online community of support and provide access to other students and staff, such as postdocs, who play an important role in your overall experience at College.      Try to make time for social discussions at the start/end of meetings.  There may also be opportunity to participate in online social events.  The Graduate School has moved its annual competitions online this year and we will continue to deliver these next year.   

Productivity and Working Without a Lab 

 The doctoral success guide provides helpful guidance on how to remain productive when working without a lab.   


 The Graduate School’s coaching programme is available to your remotely.  Our programme has been established to provide you with an opportunity to talk, independently from your academic department, about challenges you may be experiencing.  The programme primarily focuses on building effective working relationships and there may be other self-development issues that you wish to explore. 

Challenges with your Student-Supervisor Partnership 

There are many examples of excellent student supervisor partnerships at the College, but sometimes, these can go wrong.  Students can speak, in confidence, to their Departmental Senior Tutor (PGR) or to the Faculty Senior Tutor if they encounter difficulties with their partnership.  There may also be members of professional services staff who can help you   The Student Support Zone provides more information on Departmental support. 

Outside academic Departments, there are other sources of support available to you, such as the Student Counselling and Mental Health Service.  The Union also provides support through its Student Union Advisor.