Remote Supervision

The UK Council for Graduate Education has produced Good Practice in Remote Supervision

S‌upporting Students Taking Remote Vivas

New Guidance for Supporting Students Taking Remote Vivas [Pdf]‌ has been developed. 

This guidance note is for supervisors arranging and internal examiners taking part in remote doctoral viva examinations. It is designed to provide practical guidance on preparing for the remote examination to ensure that it runs smoothly for the students including:

1. Checking that all parties have access to and are familiar with using the digital technology being
used for the examination.
2. Finding out whether any reasonable adjustments are needed for the exam and implementing these.
3. The importance of arranging a mock-viva.
4. Arranging a remote pre-viva meeting between the internal and external examiners to:
- Agree initial impressions of the thesis
- Decide how the remote viva will be conducted
- Develop a procedure for the end of the viva

Guidance for PhD supervisors on supporting research degree students 

The College has developed a Covid-19 Guidance for Supervisors checklist which provides information on:  

  • Supporting students who are returning/have returned to campus to carry out their research
  • Supporting students who cannot travel/do not wish to come into campus, to be able to carry on with their research
  • Information about the implications of taking an interruption of study
  • Points to consider when supervising 1st, 2nd, 3rd year plus and students who are in the writing up phase of their PhD
  • Guidance about:
    • Registration and milestone extensions and tuition fees
    • Stipend extensions
    • Remote supervision and remote PhD exams
    • Wellbeing
    • communications